Excerpt: God reveals himself to mankind as a vi...

Excerpt: God reveals himself to mankind as a visible God

Excerpt: God reveals himself to mankind as a visible God


My observation and experiences with God


Deep in the forest at midnight while I wanted to go home suddenly I saw golden fire light toward my left side at great distance. Amazing thing was that the forest was not burning. Then the golden firelight was moving slowly towards my direction. At this moment I could experience two things. One was a great fear, which lamed totally my body and I could not move from my place. Secondly it had been such a delighted moment to see this golden fire light of God that I experienced an everlasting love and peace in my body and in my soul.

The light came near and nearer and started to move in circles around me. In this moment I experienced such mystic with all my senses that even I want to express such moments I will not be able to express them for million years.

This moment I just bowed down to this light. I observed and saw that my spirit was taken out from my body. I travelled vertically with this light, which was covering me all around like a circle. I was travelling through endless dimensions of different spiritual light worlds. Wherever this light was passing all the beings were bowing before this light in the spiritual world. I saw unlimited spiritual worlds where different beings were living according to their growth. I also came to know that Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius and many more others saints are still growing where they are living in spiritual world. They were all bowing before this light. But the light was travelling continuing slowly upwards and never stopped any place.


One thing more I would like to share here before I continue to speak about my experiences with God’s golden light.

I saw Jesus and Mohammed in white light spiritual realm in different stages. Jesus has a white light spirit with some golden light cover. Mohammed has also white light spirit with some blue light cover. Buddha I saw in the green light spiritual world with total green light.

The white light realm in which Jesus is living is called in the spiritual world the relative world of truth and the relative world of grace of God.

Mohammed lives in the relative world of truth, which is leading to the direction of the identity of God. The world in which Buddha is living is called the world of loyalty, sacrifice and peace and it is the relative world of ethical and moral values.


Note: In one of the following chapters of this book I will talk and explain more about the spiritual colours and qualities of them.


One thing astonished me very much, while the Godly golden light was travelling through the spiritual worlds of Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha – these worlds are called in religions paradise: All dimensions were shaking as by an earthquake and all beings were trembling and they were bowing down and were not able to look at the golden light of God. Then I heard the voice of God: “These dimensions did not reach yet the spiritual standard which I wanted them to reach.“


I saw also white light realms, which are high realms of paradise. In those realms angels and prophets are living and growing together. There are billions of those dimensions. In one of those dimensions I saw Michael, Gabriel and other archangels. Those higher dimensions of the paradise are called the dimensions of archangels. They are giving spiritual guidance and help to the lower dimensions. Even those dimensions of archangels are bowing down before God’s light.

Than the Godly light said to me: “Gabriel is the Holy Spirit and I gave him this title.“

This is God’s truth therefore for the sake of mankind I have to bring it to them.

I will speak about the lives of the mentioned prophets and the angel worlds in special chapters of this book.


Now I come back to my spiritual journey together with God’s golden light. I moved, more exactly, I flied through high and higher dimensions until I reached the golden dimensions. There were different beings and golden angels living in different dimensions. The golden dimensions were looking to me as endless dimensions of the eternity. Also here the beings and the golden angels bowed down before the Godly light and the Godly light was for them so near that they could see the Godly light.

Then God was saying to me: “They have inherit my grace and my power.“

Than the Godly golden light and I came to the blue dimensions through which we flied vertically. And also there the dimensions seem to me endless. One thing was in all dimensions common. No matter if it were the white, golden or blue dimensions, the higher we travelled vertically through them the more intensively the colours became.

Then came one point in the eternity where all dimensions end up and the golden light was travelling with me through the darkness. There I could see how a blue light was moving towards us with a great speed. The golden light, which was still surrounding me like a circle had brought me all the way until this point. When the golden and blue light hit each other the golden light went together with me inside the Godly blue light. Now the golden and blue light was surrounding me and together we were flying with million-fold speed of light more far and higher through the darkness of the eternity. For the first time in my life I could experience true parental love from both lights. Here I came to know that the Godly golden light expresses the female vibration of love and the Godly blue light the male vibration of love.


In this moment the most greatest secret was revealed to me: God is the true reality and He is the embodiment of true parents for all mankind, all different beings and all angels.

We continued to travel vertically and we came to such a black eternity where all my emotions were gone. Over there I could not hear and see. And still our journey continued in the eternity.

Then I came to one eternity where was only a mixed light extremely in different colours shining. The golden and the blue light, which brought me until here went with a high speed inside this extreme shining light. There I could experience that the whole eternity was shining like this and nothing remained of the darkness. The quicker I was travelling with the Godly light the stronger this extreme light was shining. The whole light of this eternity brought me together with the golden and blue light to one being. They went inside this being.

Only I fell down and bowed down in front of this being. When I looked at this being I could see that He was standing such a way in the eternity that his back was facing the darkness of the eternity and his front side the light of the eternity.

In this moment my whole spirit started to cry and sobbed: “Oh God, oh my Father, I would never be here, if You would not have brought me here.“ My whole soul and my whole spirit were trembling and in this moment God was bowing over me. Here I could experience the height of delighted happiness, true love and all the freedom and absolute peace for which my soul was longing throughout eternity.

God stood up and said: “I am the God of all beings and I am the creator of the internal and external universe. Come to me and touch me.“ I embraced Him. I could feel the whole love of God, which He has for all beings by embracing Him. 


Then God said: “Tell all the different colour angels, all beings and mankind, that I am a visible God. You are the first human being who could come until this point. You will be my heart throughout eternity.“ 

Then God was holding my hand and said: „Repeat what I say.“


Divine Message


I am God. I am the Divine Spirit. I was when there was nothing and if there will be nothing I will be. When there was darkness I was there, light came through me. Before me nothing existed.


In the whole eternity and the universe everything can lose its beauty, but I will be there. Nothing can change me, nothing can destroy me, and nothing can influence me. I am transcending time and space.


When I give one purpose it will exist for the whole eternity. I am life, beauty and embodiment of love. I am unchanging, was it in past, be it in present and will be it in future.


My way is absolute and perfect. I am higher than the whole eternity and I am the origin of all existence and I decide its everlasting purpose. From my spirit comes all blessing and I am the true creator of the whole eternity.


I am the origin of light. I am the light of heaven and earth and I am absolutely unchanging. What I think, I will do. The universe cannot come between my will but only follow my will.


I am the true concept of life, peace, happiness and all the ideals will be fulfilled centered on me. True liberation comes when someone loves me. I am the original satisfaction of heart for all eternal happiness. When someone longs for me, he will discover eternal happiness. Without me everything is uncompleted and without me every spirit is empty.


I was observing the darkness and through my will I brought light from darkness. When I started to create the eternity everything moved to its perfection.


Oh, Zahid, my heart, you say, I am the Divine Spirit. I will live for whole eternity. Life and death both are serving me. I came from the darkness to complete the love and I am the origin where love settles down and finds its home.


No one is like me, wasn’t it in past, isn’t it in present and won’t it be in future. And even the whole eternity is no alternative for me. If I would give the whole eternity to mankind and I would not be there, than happiness would never find its fulfilment and love would never find its original home.


Say once again, that I am God of the Divine Spirit.


I repeated everything what God had spoken. Then God said to me: “This Godly message is destined for all beings, angels and mankind. Whoever is yearning for me, will experience the same reality, which you came to know. And tell them that I am a living God and I know the situation of each being. Follow me and I will bring you all home.“ Then God said again to me: “Tell all mankind: I am a visible God! Whoever says to you, I am only light, tell him that this is not true. Whoever says, I am only energy, tell him that this is not true either. Who says, that I am only an invisible God, tell him this is not true.

Remember! All light and all different energies came through me.” Then God held my both hands and said: “Come with me, oh my heart, I will bring you in the past, where you will come to know more about me. You will tell all those experiences to mankind. And I will be always your witness. I will be always with you.“