Excerpt: The Criminal Acts of Prophet Mohammed

Excerpt: The Criminal Acts of Prophet Mohammed

Excerpt: The Criminal Acts of Prophet Mohammed


Satan brought much confusion and made many whirlpools in all religions. Islam is the highlight of Satan; it became his direct object and victim in spiritual world and on earth. 
Prophet Mohammed has lost his grip and influence over his religions and dimensions. The law of heavens does not allow Mohammed to stay alone in higher dimensions. Heavens force him to go to lower dimensions to reform his religion and to correct the mistakes in Koran and his life. Parallel the same thing happens to the founders to other religions. However, this book is especially written about Prophet Mohammed. I saw many times that when Prophet Mohammed went to lower dimensions he was totally exhausted. His effort to help his believers to resurrect to a higher dimension did not bring any result. Why it did not? The simple truth is, Satan, his fallen angels and evil forces are extremely active in spiritual world. Under no circumstances they want to lose the grip over Islamic dimensions. 

 Is the Koran Holy?


1400 years later Mohammed is speaking in spiritual world to reform Islam. There came many great Sufis in Islam but they could not reform Islam. There was not any possibility that they could say something against Islam in Islamic countries. It would have been the last day of their life if they had spoken one word against Islam. In the Islamic belief, the Koran is absolute. It is not possible to add or to delete even one sentence. I will divide the Koran in three parts now. In the first part, God expresses his sorrows to mankind that they have left Him. In this part, all teachings are unconditional. In the second part are the teachings, which were given by angels. They are including guidance and laws, which were given for the need of that time. Through these teachings, we can see that the environment of Arabia was worse than barbaric conditions. The first goal of angels was to make them to normal people and then to help them to grow towards God. Angels had the full authority for these teachings and so they could make changes. In the third part are teachings of Mohammed according to his spiritual growth. Mohammed had many weaknesses, which he could not overcome. In order to cover and to legalize his teachings, he has put them in the Koran as they were given by God or Archangel Gabriel.  In this way, all his weaknesses became part of Koran. Mohammed has put some of his own teachings in Koran to control Arabia and his own religion. He did not want that his followers follow another religion later on.

32 Points


Here I will stress 32 points from the Koran and Hadis. There are more points of Mohammed’s teaching but I will talk about them when the right time will appear. Through these 32 points, the Koran totally became blocked and the fundamental extremists are taking the advantage from these wrong teachings.


  1. The veiling of women was not the will of God and heavens. I made this law because of my jealousy.
  2. God revealed to me through Archangel Gabriel that I am allowed to have only one wife, Aisha. She was my eternal wife. Against the will of God I changed this message and married nine women.
  3. I made some special laws for myself. For example, if one woman wanted to give herself up to me, she could do it. I said to my followers, God and heavens only gave this permission to me. This had nothing to do with the will of God.
  4. I had the very deep desire to have each beautiful woman. All my life the attraction of women’s beauty fascinated me.
  5. Sometimes I took away violently women from their families. The same thing I did with Jewish women by killing their husbands.
  6. I made the law that one Muslim woman cannot bear witness, against one Muslim man. There had to be two women at least.
  7. In Koran, it is written that if one man doubts about the loyalty of his wife, he should not talk with her about it but arrest her for a few days. It is allowed to beat her if it is necessary.
  8. Many years God and angels clearly told me that they did not want any violence. Strictly speaking, I am responsible for the first violent clash. I attacked one caravan on the way from Damascus to Mecca in order to get their goods. This action led to the first war.
  9. As long I was living, I did not like, that anyone criticized me. Whoever was famous and had the courage to criticize me, I let kill through my followers.
  10. God revealed to me through Archangel Gabriel that I should unite with Judaism and Christianity. In my heart, I did not accept Christianity and I was angry with Jewish people. Later, when my power increased I was looking for reasons to kill Jewish people and to expel them from their land. Therefore, God was very angry with me in spiritual world.
  11. At one occasion, I killed 900 Jewish people because of a futility.
  12. I put the law into the Koran that wherever you find one unbeliever you can kill him. This was not from God. This possibility I was practicing against Jewish people.
  13. At some opportunities, I was so embittered and angry with the Jewish people. I called them descendants of rats even I knew that they were descendants of the prophets Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. For this reason, Jacob, some other Jewish prophets and the kings David and Salomon do not want to have something to do with me in spiritual world.
  14. At the end of my life, God wanted to give me the new mission to correct the Koran. I should eliminate all confusions, which I brought out through my own laws. At that time, my followers were divided in two groups. The people around Ali said that I should do what God has asked me. The followers around Umer, my second successor, were thinking that I am spiritual confused through my sickness. They believed that I did not know what I was talking. When I saw that my close followers were ready to kill each other in front of my eyes, I did not obey the will of God.
  15. God also asked me to divorce myself from all women. I should have only one wife, Aisha. I should travel together with her to Rome. I was a very powerful man and I was in the position to make a new connection with Christianity. I felt very uneasy and my heart was limited, therefore I could not follow the will of God.
  16. I absolutely wanted that all religions follow Islam. It should become the prime religion in the world to wipe out all religions.
  17. God wanted to give me the task to unite Judaism, Christianity and Islam centred on Him at the end of my mission. I did not follow God because I did not like it.
  18. I wanted that all Muslim men marry with four women thereby many children will be born in Islam. The members of my religion should quickly increase and Islam should develop to the strongest religion of the world.
  19. I met God and saw his form but I never spoke    about it. Instead, I only told that God is light.
  20. At the beginning of my mission, Jesus wanted to help me and wanted to give me his mission as Messiah. I refused it and founded a new religion, against the will of God.
  21. When there was no possibility anymore, Archangel Gabriel had to work with me. Whenever archangels work together with one prophet, they found a new religion.
  22. Actually, Archangel Gabriel wanted that I should follow directly the words of God later on. I did not want and I could not do it because I was very much depending on him.
  23. God wanted to eliminate the parts, which I entered into the Koran. I did not do it because it was impossible for me.
  24. I am responsible that the conflict between Palestine and Israel could not be solved until today
  25. I exiled many Jewish tribes from their land because I had neither sympathy nor compassion with them.
  26. God asked me to love the Jewish people just as I loved my own family members. Many times my relatives behaved worse than the Jewish people did. They were my worst enemies who I could not accept in my heart.
  27. At different occasions, I attacked the Jewish people and deprived them of their women and children. I enslaved them and divided them under my followers. On the other hand, I killed all young Jewish men.
  28. I said by purpose that I am the last prophet and God will not reveal more truth after me. During my lifetime, I gave the order to kill all persons who proclaimed to be prophets. I knew exactly that in future prophets will come who will find out that I entered my own laws in Koran to cover my weaknesses.
  29. I took certain laws from the Old Testament for example, eyes for eyes and tooth for tooth. Other laws I took from the old Arabian law as you could stone a woman who had an illegal affair or if persons stole something, you could cut their hands. Even heavens have given me signs that I should have more compassion with fellowmen and should not give such a strong punishment. However, I ignored it.
  30. I also made the law that a man could get a divorce from his wife just by saying three times the word “divorce”. Through this, men should demonstrate their superiority over women. If a divorced woman wanted to come back to her husband she had to sleep with another man first. I made this law in order to give punishment to women.
  31. I declared that after my death nobody should marry with my wives because heavens did not allow this. I made this law by myself because I was very emotional about my wives. I could not bear it that my wives would have someone else after my death. Later on, they found out the truth in spiritual world and they left me.
  32. When I declared war to others, I said to my followers that they would get many beautiful female beings in spiritual world if they died as martyrs. I said this only to inspire them because I knew that they also liked beautiful women. When they went as martyrs to spiritual world, they came to know the bitter truth. The women, who they received, wanted that they changed their habits 100%. Only then, the women were ready to become their partners and take them to a higher world. Most of them could not change their habits and the female beings left them. They remained in low dimensions and they became very unhappy. This law for martyrs was valid only in my time because I made a special deal with Archangel Gabriel. I did not explain this to my followers. Even today, they believe that they get many beautiful female beings if they die as martyrs. Satan extremely took the advantage of this law.


Beauty of Women – Weakness of Mohammed


The following story Aisha, Mohammed’s wife, told me in spiritual world. “During one war Mohammed made many captives. Among those prisoners was also one woman, her name was Jaweliah. She was very beautiful and she wanted to see Mohammed to talk to him. I did not want that she met Mohammed. I knew when he would see her he wanted to have her. Somehow, I could not stop her and she met Mohammed. She said to Mohammed, ‘I am the daughter of one tribe leader. I want you help me and my people to get free.’ Mohammed said to her, ‘I make you a better offer. You will marry me and then I will do many favours for you.’ Jaweliah agreed with it.”

Mohammed said to me, he only made the law that any woman can offer herself in order to fulfil his desire to have beautiful women.

Mohammed also told me one story about Aisha. “One day I had very much headache and high fever. I said to Aisha, my favourite wife, ‘If you will die for me, I will bury you with my own hands. I will pray for you that you will enter a high dimension of paradise.’ She told me that she would not die for me because soon she would be dead I would marry another beautiful woman.”