Excerpt: True Moments with God

Excerpt: True Moments with God

Excerpt: True Moments with God


General Introduction

I have given to this book the title “True Moments with God” because I have shared many of my mysterious and mystic observations with God in it. For those people who want to come to know deeper the nature of God, this book will give them a very deep understanding who God really is. What is the deepest secret behind that I could go so far wherever I wanted or I could find whatever I discovered in those mysterious heavens? The secret is that as long I was fallen in love with God in mysticism, so long I could travel with speed of light to make my observations and experiences far in eternity. Therefore, I could discover many secrets of eternal life. It tells me also, as long someone is fallen in love with his creator this burning and mystic love is the key to open every mystery of God and heavens.

God gave birth to love. Love has seen such a time in the past of the dark eternity when there was no one to feel it. There was no one who wanted to get to know love and no one who wanted to say something about love. No one could have an opinion about anything because there were neither angels and human beings nor any other creations existing. There was no one who could say and no one who could listen something about love. There was absolute silence. Even there has been such a time, when not even a concept of love was existing. There was only one who could give birth to love, life and beauty. It was God, our beloved Heavenly Father.

I was a small child when I got to know God. God travelled together with me in countless heavens. In this book I have revealed my observations and experiences with God, so mankind can recognize who God really is. Throughout human history the ignorance of mankind has brought many invisible curtains between God and human beings. However, our present time is significant that morning is near to take over this deep dark night 

This book will give you a deep understanding about who God is and our purpose of life.

God’s Songbook of Love for All Created Beings

On another occasion I entered one heaven mixed with golden and blue colours. There was water, which had the smell of God. He had been in this water before; therefore his presence could be felt very strongly. Once you enter in this water you experience absolute purification and you receive new crystal light. After all, the question always remains, if someone can come so far to those heavens. I landed there and went very deep inside this water. When I came up I was so mystic that I had forgotten everything. I only remembered my love for God, which I carried all my life on earth. It was the key, which brought me here. My tears were running like from a small spring and I had no wish to come out from this water.

Suddenly I saw two female angels flying towards me. They landed on my left side, smiled and came closer. One female angel flew to me and landed in front of me. She had much light. She smiled at me and sat down silently beside me. Two more angels flew towards me but they landed in some distance on my left side. One of them had very extreme light. It was stronger than the light of all others. All angels smiled at me and came closer. However, the angel who had the most  light came more nearer and blinked with her eyes. When she did so more light came out from her eyes. She came so near, that her face was just in front of me. The other angel, who was in front of me had made place for her. She looked in my eyes and said, “I will tell you a beautiful love story, which you do not know.” I told her that such love stories are the driving force in my spirit that I can enter those heavens. In this moment she looked up into the sky and I saw one open book flying towards us. This book was bigger than our heaven but when it came nearer it became smaller. When it was in front of us this female angel said to me, “Hold this book.” When I looked at this book it was still open. I could not decipher the handwriting. I asked, “What kind of book is this?” She answered, “All the souls, which God has created He has recorded in this book. Therefore no soul will be forgotten in the eternity. There is something more special in this book, which I want to tell you a little bit later.” I asked her, “What is written inside, I cannot read it?” She answered, “This is God’s handwriting. In the moment God created your soul, He was singing one song for you. Do you want that I read this song for you?” I said, “Please.” So she read for me. It was written, “I do not know if someone else wants to come to know you beside me in this dark eternity. However, I have to say, you are the most wonderful dream, which come into realization through my hands. Though I took certain darkness away from the eternity but when I look at your smiling face you took the darkness away from my heart and soul. We will be never separated in the whole eternity. My love will be endless for you.” When I heard this song, which was written like a poem, I cried. I felt very deep sadness in my heart that someone loves me so deeply and yet I do not know my beloved one. This angel held my shoulders and said to me, “This book is also a book of songs. For every soul God creates, He sings one unique special song. One day, when all souls will be home God will sing once again all songs, which he made by creating them.” At this moment my spirit started to shake in sorrow. This female angel embraced me and said, “Let’s fly together in this heaven and let us see the speechless wonders, which God created for us to give us joy and happiness.” While we flew she was holding my hand and said to me, “You are a very sensitive being in the love of God. I do not know, shall I look at the speechless wonders of God in this heaven or shall I look at you. Both give me extreme joy.”