The Criminal Acts of Prophet Mohammed e-pub Format

The Criminal Acts of Prophet Mohammed e-pub Format

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This book shows that Prophet Mohammed himself has committed certain errors which led to the current situation of Islam that is dominated by terrorism, fanaticism and extremism. 

Reformation of Islam

Very often we have seen such a time in mankind history, when it took only a few moments to make mistakes but centuries had to pay the price for it. The purpose of religions is to call upon mankind to live in peace, happiness, freedom, harmony and love. God created mankind for the fulfilment of love. It is time for Islam and extremists who are killing human beings in the name of God to reconsider if they really are fulfilling the will of God or if they became victims of evil. It is also time for them, as human beings, to feel compassion for fellowmen and for themselves. 
Read what God and heavens revealed to their chosen prophet in our present time. If we will listen to the voice of God, a new morning will rise and we will live as one family world in the kingdom of God. If we ignore the voice of God, the dark age of evil will take over. In the 21 century Satan wants to use Russia and the extreme Islamic terrorists to destroy this earth through nuclear weapons.
Down this road, may be we can establish with the help of Christianity, by using force and with a lot of sacrifices, a superficial democracy in Islamic countries. However, the Islamic world will continue to resist and rebel against the freedom, human rights, rights of women etc until the direct act of God solves this problem. The Cain-nature, which caused so great conflicts and struggles in the Islamic history, belongs to Lucifer who became Satan.


Excerpt: The Criminal Acts of Prophet Mohammed


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