True Moments with God / epub

True Moments with God / epub

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God gave birth to love. Love has seen such a time in the past of the dark eternity when there was no one to feel it. There was no one who wanted to get to know love and no one who wanted to say something about love. No one could have an opinion about anything because there were neither angels and human beings nor any other creations existing. There was no one who could say and no one who could listen something about love. There was absolute silence. Even there has been such a time, when not even a concept of love was existing. There was only one who could give birth to love, life and beauty. It was God, our beloved Heavenly Father. I was a small child when I got to know God. God travelled together with me in countless heavens. In this book I have revealed my observations and experiences with God, so mankind can recognize who God really is. Throughout human history the ignorance of mankind has brought many invisible curtains between God and human beings. However, our present time is significant that morning is near to take over this deep dark night This book will give you a deep understanding about who God is and our purpose of life.

Excerpt: True Moments with God

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