GOD reveals himself to mankind as a visible God

GOD reveals himself to mankind as a visible God

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Does God exist? So God promised and revealed to the author. When God took me to numerous heavens, He said to me, "Come inside of me. Let's fly vertically. I want to let you experience how my existence began ánd everything else in detail." When we arrived at this point of dark eternity, God said to me, "Where you are standing now, no being and no human soul has reached here. You will be called my everlasting heart. Go back and reveal to all mankind *Who I am*. Reveal all what you have heard, seen and experienced. I will be always with you. A few thousand years ago I came to show myself as a visible God on Mount Sinai. But my own chosen people did not recognize my value. Tell mankind and this German nation. I swear in your name, Zahid. When you will call my name and aks me to come down to earth, I will appear to a mountain of Germany. Around the mountain every eye will see me that day as a visible God. Prepare my children for this greatest event."

Excerpt: God reveals himself to mankind as a visible God

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