Conversation with God, Heavenly Beings and Satan

Conversation with God, Heavenly Beings and Satan

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soft cover book; pages 426; ISBN: 978-3-00-028685-8; I know God since my childhood. He travelled together with me in countless heavens. So many times I have observed in heavens that a desire was already fulfilled before it came over the lips. Heavens are mysterious and magic places. First someone has to get to know his true main purpose of life with God. We have to realize that life was given to us to fulfil the purpose of love. Here one more question rises, “Shall we love God to enjoy his magic heavens or shall we love Him so everything else will be given to us? Both would have nothing to do with love but would be only a business with God. Therefore mankind did not come so far in spiritual life because of their selfish attitude. Such a motivation and world have nothing to do with God. This is the world of Lucifer, “First I, then I and again I.” In this way our ancestors and we have learned a lot from Lucifer. He has given so intensively his self-centred evil habits of misusing love and life to us that his picture can be seen in the history of our ancestors and in our life, too. Therefore God does not want to be present and live as a visible God in this world. This is one of the reasons why our beloved Heavenly Father lives far away from us. We should have the right motivation to love God for the sake of love without any condition. Bad luck is present and became part of our life because of God’s absence. God is not present in an evil and selfish world. Who will liberate us from this continuous downfall? I can only give the answer that God has given to me in my spiritual experiences and observations. It is up to each individual how much he can realize it in his own life.

excerpt: Conversation with God, Heavenly Beings and Satan


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